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We are SO EXCITED to open registration for our Handwriting in Nature Enrichment Program for this summer!

Little Twigs 3-5 year olds, July 10-13, 2023. We will be enjoying lots of scribbles, giggles and wiggles utilizing a multi-sensory approach in nature to help our kiddos begin to enhance their developmental writing skills!


Sturdy Branches 6-8 year olds, July 17-20, 2023. While in nature, our kiddos will use a multi- sensory approach and games for introduction of letter formations and size!

To learn handwriting, our kiddos need a combination of fine motor skills, language, memory and concentration! Experiencing a multi-sensory environment outdoors increases the kiddos ability to be attentive and engage in their task through play and socialization with peers! We invite you to let your kiddo participate in this non-traditional approach to Handwriting in Nature!

Cost: $175 includes supplies

Location: 661 Old Natchez Trace

Call 601.427.5775 for more information



Space is limited! Sign up now to guarantee your kiddo a chance to experience a new enrichment program model for handwriting skills!

Our Handwriting in Nature was created and will be overseen by our OT's while being assisted by our awesome volunteers!

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