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The term hippotherapy refers to how occupational, physical and speech therapist uses the movement of the horses and the novelty of non-clinical environment in combination with traditional treatment principles to enhance outcomes.

The three-dimensional movement of a horse has proven extremely valuable in increasing trunk strength, control and balance. It is so like a human gait that, for those who struggle to walk or cannot walk, it imitates the rhythm needed for their own independent steps. The use of hippotherapy in an OT/PT/ST treatment setting has been proven to improve fine & gross motor skills, core strength and postural control, sensory integration, attention skills, visual perception and communication skills.  The unique relationship formed with a horse can help interpersonal relationships, improved self-esteem and self-regulation.


A Focused Brain is the only clinic in central Mississippi that can provide Hippotherapy.

Our Sensory Trail
What's the Difference?

Medical Treatment

(OT, PT, SLP) utilizing the movement of the horse as a treatment strategy to address functional goals

Licensed occupational, physical, or speech therapist

Land-based activities and functional skills individualized to the specific needs of the patient

One-on-one treatment

Episodes of care model:  plan of care individualized to patient, progress is periodically reassessed to determine need for ongoing services

Therapeutic Riding


Recreational activity providing horseback riding lessons for individual with special needs

Certified adaptive riding instructor

Skills associated with riding a horse

Individual, semi-private, or group lessons

Can become a lifetime activity

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