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A variety of advanced proven evidence based therapies to help your child.

​Nothing means more to us than helping children overcome their challenges and go on to lead normal, happy and productive lives.  We do this by providing comprehensive therapy services that are brain based, not drug based, which are fun, upbeat, and positive.  These services, including our comfortable and safe environment, helps your children develop physically socially, emotionally and intellectually.  We often combine a variety of interventions to achieve the best possible results.

These include:   

Occupational Therapy

Some people believe occupational therapist work only with working people.  In reality, occupational therapist helps all kinds of people - working or not - become independent and successful in all areas of their daily lives - whatever occupies them in daily living. 


At A Focused Brain we are dedicated to help children develop all abilities they need for the many "occupations" of childhood including playing  with friends, being a student, helping at home, eating, getting dressed, and participating in hobbies and sports to name a few.  A Focused Brain helps children increase independence at home and in school, improve academic performance, enjoy the activities of everyday life, and promotes healthy self -esteem.  We help them develop skills they need to achieve the highest level of function.


Telehealth is how we are helping families through COVID-19 and beyond.  We rapidly implemented Telehealth as an option for all the clients we serve.  Therapeutic services we provide are vital for children's success in life.  Our community, state and country are experiencing extraordinary circumstances that create a barrier for children to participate in learning, development, and their community.  These are unlikely to be resolved soon.  During this time our families may be feeling a wide range of emotions.  We're here and we're all in this together.  If you have questions about this program, call our office or speak to your therapist.

Interactive Metronome 

Interactive Metronome™ (IM) is the most widely used program in the world for cognitive development and rehabilitation. IM combines the concept of a musical metronome with patented technology that improves the fundamental skills that are essential for learning and development. IM Therapy "trains the brain" to plan, sequence, and process information more effectively.  Its game-like auditory-visual platform engages the patient and provides constant feedback at the millisecond level to promote synchronized timing in the brain. Interactive Metronome has been proven to produce significant physical and cognitive benefits including: motor control, coordination, sports performance, language processing, attention, focus, and social skills. A Focused Brain is also a IM Home Provider, providing a version of Interactive Metronome that can be done in the convenience of your home.  Our IM Home providers has utilized the IM Home program and have worked with children all over the United States and three foreign countries.



The term hippotherapy refers to how occupational, physical and speech therapist uses the movement of the horses and the novelty of non-clinical environment in combination with traditional treatment principles to enhance outcomes.

The three-dimensional movement of a horse has proven extremely valuable in increasing trunk strength, control and balance. It is so like a human gait that, for those who struggle to walk or cannot walk, it imitates the rhythm needed for their own independent steps. The use of hippotherapy in an OT/PT/ST treatment setting has been proven to improve fine & gross motor skills, core strength and postural control, sensory integration, attention skills, visual perception and communication skills.  The unique relationship formed with a horse can help interpersonal relationships, improved self-esteem and self-regulation. 

Sensory Integration Intervention

Sensory integration, is the ability to take in information through senses (touch, movement, smell, taste, vision, and hearing), to put it together with prior information, memories, and knowledge stored in the brain, and to make a meaningful response. Sensory Integrative Dysfunction is a disorder in which sensory input is not integrated or organized appropriately in the brain and may produce varying degrees of problems in development, information processing, and behavior. A Focused Brain offers an innovative approach to sensory integration and strives to maintain a team-based model where the child’s needs always come first!


When we teach children to write, we also teach them how to express themselves. Handwriting fluency is fundamental to learning because children think and write at the same time. If children struggle to form their letters, their ability to express themselves will suffer. We offer simple and proven methods for handwriting and address underlying components such as fine fine motor skills and visual perception.

Listening Therapy:  The Integrated Listening System

In the same way that exercise trains our body to become stronger and healthier, Integrated Listening Systems (iLs), multi-sensory approach trains our brain to process sensory, cognitive and emotional information more effectively.  With improved regulation and processing, our balance and coordination improves and our ability to focus, think, and engage successfully in social situations also improves. ILs programs begin with music and movement, and then gradually integrate language and cognitive activities.  It is an enjoyable activity which can be customized for all ages and abilities for use in our clinic, school or home settings.  



Your child’s visual system is a vital part of development to explore, learn and participate in their environment. A child can have 20/20 visual acuity in both eyes and be significantly impacted by visual problems such as visual perceptual skills, visual motor skills and visual-vestibular skills which hinders your child trying to perform up to their potential. A Focused Brain offers skilled vision therapy and works in conjunction with Developmental Ophthalmologists to create a treatment program to enhance your child’s success.


We also offer screenings for Irlen Syndrome (Scotopic sensitivity syndrome) which is a condition relating to the interaction of the central nervous system and the eyes at the physiological level with light. The Irlen Method© identifies those with perceptual processing problems and eliminates this problem using color overlays and Irlen Special Filters worn as glasses or contact lenses.

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) is an innovative, research supported  technique used by CIMT trained Occupational Therapist to promote development of new pathways between the brain and the impaired extremity. Dr. Edward Taub, from University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB), developed CIMT, refers to this process as “rewiring” the brain. He says after a stroke, a survivor tries unsuccessfully to use the affected side. Their initial failure discourages them from using that side.  Dr. Taub calls this “learned non-use.”  

In Constraint Induced Therapy,  the unimpaired hand is not allowed to perform the therapy tasks—it is constrained, either by voluntary non-use or by applying a CIMT approved “mitt,” which is a large mitten worn for 90% of the waking hours. Wearing the mitt on the unimpaired hand encourages the impaired hand to move, and over time the brain is induced to “rewire” itself.

At A Focused Brain, we combine both Constrained Induced Movement Therapy with Interactive Metronome to achieve optimum results.

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