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Sunset in the Woods

Upcoming Programs

We are excited you are interested in learning more about our Nature Adventures Groups!
Since you are interested, we believe it is important to communicate some of the things your kiddos will ne doing if they join our groups!  Despite this not being an OT session or traditional OT group, our occupational therapist believe in the benefits of play in nature.  Current research suggest that children are not spending enough time outdoors, which negatively impacts their development.  Because of this, our team works together to develop curriculum based group sessions that involve developmental-based play, life skills, social-skills, executive functions-skills, safety, and so much more.  We believe these things work together to facilitate a happy, healthy, confident child.  The best part?  These groups take place in the natural setting which has been shown to improve attention, build immune system health, and so much more!

Our past groups have participated in things like building their own garden bed planting and maintaining their own garden, harvesting food from their garden, shelter building, knot tying, caring for animals, hiking, fishing....just to name a few.  Every time a group ends, kids and parents both as when will we have another one because we have SO MUCH FUN!

 Fall Nature Adventures Group

Registration Now Open

Wednesday  9:00 AM- 10:00 AM
September 20th -November 8th 

Join us this  this fall if you want your child to  :

  • learn Life Skills

  • Build confidence

  • Make friends

  • Have a blast!

Space is
Limited !

Sign up
Cost  $400:00 

Location:  661 Old Natchez Trace
                 Canton, MS  39046

Jolly Joy Full Christmas

Information Coming Soon!

If your aren't sold are a few quotes from parents of children who have participated in our groups!

"Nature Adventures blesses our family on so many ways.  It meets our son's needs right where he is and helps him to grow physically, academically, and socially.  Having the opportunity to learn, play, and explore in nature, rather than inside a building, touches his body, mind, and soul on a much deeper level.  The sensory input from the wind blowing, birds singing, and leaves crunching, along with the thought processes and planning needed for interacting with the natural environment is lost in so many kid's lives today.  Nature based play and learning is for every single child."

"Nature based groups have helped my son with abilities to focus on specific task.  Along with that, his academic performance has improved greatly.  We are so grateful for the team at A Focused Brain and all the things they are doing to help children succeed."

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