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Telehealth is how we're helping families through COVID-19 and beyond.  We rapidly implemented telehealth as an option for all of the clients we serve.  The therapeutic services we provide are vital for children's success in life.  Our community, state and country are experiencing extraordinary circumstances that create a barrier for children to participate in learning, development, and their community.  These are circumstances that are unlikely to be resolved soon.  During this time our families may be feeling a wide range of emotions.  We're here and we're all in this together.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of telecommunications technologies to provide health care.  Telehealth is videoconferencing with your therapist.  It may include evaluations, assessments, consultations, treatment planning and therapeutic interventions.

Benefits for Families

Provides opportunities to progress skills sets and overcome barriers such as distance, schedule and travel.  Increases skills and confidence of family members and caregivers.

What to expect?

Activities will be similar to a typical clinic session.  Parent coaching is a key component and can increase home carryover and progress.  It is important for the parent or caregiver to be involved during the session to increase effectiveness.  Your therapist will work with you to see what materials you have around the house to utilize during a therapy session prior to a session.

Requirements for Participation

  • Access to high speed internet

  • A computer or mobile device with a camera and mic

  • Completed Telehealth consent Form

  • Parent or caregiver participation

Telehealth tips

  • Determine which device you'll use.  A smart phone or I pad will let you move around easy from room to room.

  • Download the Zoom meeting app prior to your scheduled appointment.

  • Log into your account 8 minutes before your scheduled appointment

  • Have the supplies or material ready that you and your therapist discussed you would need for this session.

  • Decide what spot will be best in your house for this activity.

  • Be ready to be involved!

    • You will be the therapist hands to help position, redirect, instruct and engage your child.​

    • For some children you will need to be 100% present and engaged.  After your first session, you may find you only need to help occasionally for set up and problem solving.

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