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Wanted: Spectacular Speech Therapist to join our team!

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Do you want to help a small private pediatric therapy practice grow and thrive?

Do you want the FREEDOM to treat children the way you know will help them most?

I’m seeking an experienced, skilled Speech Language Pathologist Therapist with a heart big enough to see the struggling child behind the behaviors and learning challenges, to see the worried Mom behind all of the questions she’s asking, and to see the concerned father behind the brave face.

An ideal candidate for this position is someone who consistently figures out how to produce the desired outcome even if it involves researching and learning new skills.

Someone who:

  • Is hardworking and trustworthy

  • Is active and health-oriented

  • Is excited about bringing hope to a struggling family

  • Is FUN!  And maybe FUNKY!!

  • Is excited about learning new skills

  • Detail-oriented yet efficient

  • Has an easy laugh!

  • Has strong analytical skills

  • Can be thorough yet concise in documentation

  • Is tech-savvy and can learn to navigate various computer/software platforms

  • Is creative

  • Understands the importance of collaborative problem-solving

  • Takes joy in helping clients make measurable progress

  • Is a natural educator and enjoys sharing for the benefit of parents, clients, and fellow team members

  • Is a natural marketer and is social media savvy

  • Can speak on camera

This will be a flexible position in which you will be able to actually develop the Speech Therapy department in our office as you set your own hours within the open hours of the office. Keep in mind our busiest time is after school 3-6.

If the above sounds like you and fits the schedule you’re seeking, please read on for details about what this position will entail.  And don’t let the long list intimidate you – you will have support!


  • Listening.  Parents have much to say and rarely felt heard.

  • Evaluating.  Our Clients often elude traditional diagnoses and labels.  We dig deep to find the root of the challenges.

  • Communicating.  Gently and frequently communicating with family members regarding the signs and indications of progress in their child.

  • Educating.  Our knowledge and language is foreign to most parents.  They need someone to tell them what has been happening with their child, what we intend to do about it, what to expect and when to expect it, and what they should do.  And they need it in a language that they can understand.

  • Administering and modifying.  Your treatment techniques should be appropriate, valid, gradable, and effective.

  • Assessing.  Constant assessment of the efficacy of your treatment, in the moment of administering it, and in the moments, hours, and sometimes days that follow it.

  • Reacting.  Taking a corrective detour when a session isn’t going the way you intended, expected, or hoped for.  

  • Measuring.  Measurable goals allow us to know if we are making a difference.

  • Preparing.  Constant preparation for graduation from our treatment allows families to feel better prepared when that bittersweet day comes that their child has met their goals and they are free to live a life without therapy appointments!

  • Documenting:  effective documentation is clear, concise, measurable, and explanatory.  (And we have streamlined processes to make it easier!)

Wowza!  Did you actually read this far?  Well, then you are already showing that you have some of the characteristics that I’m looking for!  So if you’re interested in applying for this position, please send an email to me directly at and follow these specific directions:

  1. Use the subject line: I want to be your next SPECTACULAR Speech Therapist

  2. Within the email, write a few sentences about why you think you’d be a great fit for this position.

  3. Attach your resume as a pdf file.

Thank you so much for your interest in this position.  I hope we get to meet soon!

John Poe

Clinic Manager

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